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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Abraham Lincoln's Big Gay Dance Party Time!

Greetings, gentle readers.  This is Katie, Sara's gracious and often described as "stunning yet humble" friend with whom she is staying in NYC.  Sara is currently in the shower and I have commandeered the mic, so to speak.  Won't this be a pleasant surprise for her? hehe  I was going to post detailed accounts of our wacky hijinx, but I'll let Sara tell those tales.  Instead, I'm going to compose a little ode to my homegirl.  Ahem....

I hope when she (and the world of bloggerdom) reads this she'll know I am sincere and earnest.  It's been a few years since my Sar-Bear and I have hung out and our time together now is bittersweet.  I know tomorrow she'll be heading off to new adventures and who knows when our paths will again cross? During her brief time here Sara's reminded me that old friends are the best kind.  She's FUN and sweet and likes to have a good time.  She's sensitive and caring and supportive- qualities that make her a good person and a great friend.  After I'd had a particularly long, draining day at work she made me dinner and we watched TV and she asked "who's taking care of you?!"  After a long hard year and her own crap to wade through, Sara is still the one asking ME what I need.  I'm not sure how her huge heart fits into that little body.  Thanks, sweet friend....

Of course, there's also the side of Sara that starts fights in bars ("I'll take your eye out with a shiv!") and lets her friends try on her new underwear over their clothes in public (alcohol may have been a contributing factor to that event. Pics to come...) and is spontaneous and independent with a killer sense of humor... which is why we are on our way now to see Abraham Lincoln's Big Gay Dance Party, a show off Broadway that promises to be ridiculous and fun- just like us!  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the show, google it.  I doubt my description would do it the justice I'm sure it deserves.