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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Angels in my apartment

As tears ran down my face from packing up my wedding dress, Fiona climbed up my staircase.  I burst into further tears seeing her; she came just in time.  Boxes, bags and clothes were everywhere and I just wasn’t coping with the enormous tasks ahead of me AND dealing with my past.

She looked at the mess and decided to tackle the kitchen. In 30 minutes, my kitchen stuff was packed up in boxes, organized and sorted.
Louise was shortly behind her, vacuuming up and sorting through items to give away to the Sallies, as I tackled the back room.

Fi left my kitchen spotless.  We stopped, smiled, laughed and David walked on.  Fi tagged him in and walked out.

David, the fashionista that he was, sorted my wardrobe quickly with a "that's outdated" "that looks like a table cloth" or "ooo LBD; you HAVE to take that!"

By the end of the day, my life was sorted into different rooms : one to take to the sols, the other give aways, the last in storage or take to the states.  It was time for the saddest of all the tasks; taking Mr. Dot Dot, my loyal and loving kittie, to the cattery.  After his brief stay, he will be adopted out to friends.  That was very hard, to say goodbye to my wonderful kitty.

On Monday, Antony came in and we sorted more until the rooms became empty.  He was wonderful and I couldn't have done the move without his help.

On my last day of work and living in Christchurch, my coworkers thought it was a good idea to have tea and scones and make me cry in public (BASTARDS!). Lovely speeches by Mitch, Mick, Murray and others.  Very moving and it was amazing to think that four years have passed by so quickly.  Goodbyes, hugs and tears were shared and promises to stay in touch.

By 7, everything I owned was either living in other places, packed off to the Solomons or in two suitcases.  I said goodbye to Carlton Mill with sadness; a lot of things went down in that place.  But I could see it was certainly time to move on.

Had a morning of errands and said goodbye to the lovely Gaynor.  It was a beautiful, sunny day in Christchurch and as I flew over the snow capped mountains, I said goodbye to the place that had been my home for the greater part of nine years.  

I feel very grateful having all these lovely people in my life and all the experiences, while some have been very painful, I value.

I left my heart in Christchurch...