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Thursday, July 29, 2010

12 Days Left! Current Packing Predicaments...

As the date of departure approaches, I have to organise (not my strongpoint) 50 kilos to be sent off before I leave to help me through my year in the Solomons.

So far, I have been advised to take western comforts e.g. anything that will make my life easier in the Solomons.

One dilema: whether I take my beautiful KORG keyboard or not. I've come to really rely on my music over the last few months and I'm not sure how I will cope without access to music. Most pianos will likely be out of tune in the Sols. BUT it is heavy and will likely cost extra to send over. Plus the electicity outages will likely play havoc on the electronics. So we will see...

Next dilema: My mileno bike, that I have had for years and years. I love her and they don't make these bikes like they used to. Plus I've always wanted to get back into biking, once my life settles down a bit. But again, the cost will be high and I don't know if I'll be able to bring her back.

Other than that, the house is closing down nicely; I hardly spend any time there now, just to sleep (and sometimes not even that!)

Bought two maps of the Solomons, am starting to get really excited now!!!!

Shoe mood:
Pink flats, purchased in Sydney for 14 dollars (you will find that all my shoes were purchased at cheap prices) to walk around in. Has a hole in the toe, will likely donate before leaving.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Packing up for the BIG TRIP

Its 14 days till I head off on my big around the world trip, and settling into Honiara. I've got heaps to do and am slowing ticking off little boxes on my to-do list.

I have lived in Christchurch for almost five years (this time) and it is very hard to say goodbye to all my wonderful friends. I always struggle with goodbyes, saying the right things and expressing how much people mean to me.

Anyway, a bit of a bio about me. I'm a 32 year old American who has lived in N.Z. for almost nine years (with a two year stint in Hawai'i to get my graduate degree) and am, as I am being told by many people, heading off for an adventure of a lifetime.

I have worked for Environment Canterbury/Canterbury Civil Defence for four years but now I have been selected by Voluteer Service Abroad to work in the Solomon Islands for one year for World Vision.

Before I settle into the Island life, I am off to see friends and family scattered throughout the world. I'll post my adventures from that trip on here as well.

I'm excited and terrified at the same time; what an honor, what a challenge! I hope I will be up for it...

My shoe mood is:
Clarkes...purchased in Wellington at Mischief Shoes, off season. Clarkes, known for their sturdy school shoes, made this fab, all purpose boots. I wear these when I want to feel warm and official.